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Seamlessly unlock the full power of the Form3 platform via a single REST API. Innovate for the future of finance:

  • Access a multitude of payment schemes in Europe and globally via one API

  • Manage addressable bank accounts across all supported geographies

  • Market-leading security including via asymmetric signature verification and TLS

  • Integrated payment exception handling such as rejections, returns, and recalls

Cross Currency
UK Instant
US Instant
SEPA Instant


Our tutorials provide introductions and in-depth step-by-step guides for many topics around the Form3 API and integrations with specific payment schemes.

Getting Started Guide

Learn the basics of working with the Form3 API, independent from the payment scheme(s) you want to integrate with.

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Platform Tutorials

Get acquainted with platform features such as security, user management, notification setup, and more.

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Faster Payments Tutorials

Learn about features specific to the Faster Payments scheme.

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Bacs Tutorials

Familiarise yourself with the Bacs-specific features the Form3 platform offers.

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SEPA Instant & Credit Transfer Tutorials

Learn how to use the Form3 API with SEPA Instant and SEPA Credit Transfer.

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API Reference

Ready to dive deep into our APIs? While we have one API to access all payment schemes, each scheme is a bit different. To give you a clear view of the information you need, we offer a separate API Reference page for each scheme.

SEPA Instant & Credit Transfer

Access the SEPA Instant and SEPA Credit Transfer schemes as a Direct Participant

Go to the SEPA Instant & CT API Reference

SEPA Direct Debit

Access the SEPA Direct Debit scheme as a Direct Participant

Go to the SEPA Direct Debit API Reference

FPS Direct

Access the Faster Payments scheme as a Directly-Connected Participant

Go to the FPS Direct API Reference

Bacs Paying Bank & Origination

Access the Bacs scheme as a Paying Bank or an Originator

Go to the Bacs API Reference

FPS & SEPA Indirect via LHV

Access the FPS and SEPA Instant & CT schemes as an Indirect Participant via LHV

Go to the FPS & SEPA Indirect API Reference


Form3 API Staging Environment

We offer a Staging environment where you can test and debug your integration with the Form3 API. A feature-rich simulator allows you to test all transaction flows as if you were connected to the payment scheme.

Simulate happy and unhappy transaction flows using our simulator

Gain insights using our debug endpoints


We offer additional resources to help make integrating with our API as seamless as possible:

Swagger File

Use the Swagger file of our complete API to easily generate a client

Download Swagger File

Postman Collection

Prototype and debug rapidly with our Postman collection spanning the complete API

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Release Log

We are constantly working to improve our platform. See a list of all changes we release here

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API Status

See the current status and uptime of our production environments

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Form3 offers technical access to multiple payment schemes (e.g. Faster Payment & Bacs in the UK, SEPA in Europe, etc.), however specific access for you may or may not be available depending on your configuration and banking relationships.

Find out more about our solution by visiting our website: https://form3.tech

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